The TAG Cyber Research as a Service (RaaS) Portal

The TAG Cyber Research as a Service (RaaS) portal is populated with data, reports, videos, and papers created by our expert team of analysts and researchers. The work is informed by over 600 commercial vendors interviews each year, combined with many decades of practical experience for our team members in the public and private sector.

With your RaaS subscription comes direct access to our Commercial Security Vendor Database which includes details on over four thousand vendors organized into an easily accessible format. If you are looking for more information about a vendor in our database (or perhaps missing from our research) you can request data from our analyst team.

Our RaaS portal is designed around twenty-six major categories of the cybersecurity industry, subdivided into nearly two hundred subcategories – all organized into what we refer to as the TAG Taxonomy.

If you have questions about your subscription, including how the TAG Cyber RaaS portal can work best for you, please contact us at